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Vigo, holidays and rest

La ciudad

The Harbour: enjoy one of the most active in Cruises, Fishing and Sport activities.
Casco Vello (Old Town): Discover Vigo’s Old town, walk through Plaza de la Constitución or Cesteros. You can also visit the Co-Cathedral and enjoy the Galician food experience.

Mercado de la piedra:
Meeting point for tourists and Vigo inhabitants alike, you can enjoy here Fresh Oysters. As well as buying handcrafts.

Cultural events
La Reconquista Francesa
El Marisquiño
San Roque

Vigo , gardens and tourism


Islas Cies (Cies Islands):Many ships leaving from Vigo can take you to some of the most beautiful islands of the Atlantic Ocean. We recommend buying tickets in advance. Companies offering this service are Mar de OnsPiratas de Nabia. You can also enjoy a short stay at their Camping. Visits to Cies Islands are allowed from May to September.
Isla de Ons:
 the little sister of Cies is an inhabited island with hotels and campings.

Isla San Simón: Leisure Center... There is a long history for this small island where you can enjoy concerts like Festival Sin Sal.

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